The development of the screen sector strategy has had a major step forward with the appointment of a new facilitation group Chair, and a Project Manager.  

Miriam Dean CNZM QC has replaced the outgoing Chair Linda Clark.  Many will know Miriam through her role as the Chair of NZ On Air from 2012 until 2018.  She brings a wealth of experience in governance, and leading national inquiries and reviews.

In early June Janette Searle was appointed as Project Manager for the development of the screen sector strategy and engagement process.  Janette spent many years involved in the screen industry and longer in the creative sector in general.  More recently she has led and managed a number of cross sector initiatives which have involved community engagement, and working with both government and business to achieve a shared vision.

In addition to Miriam and Janette’s appointments, Erina Tamepo has joined the facilitation group.  Erina is the Executive Director of Nga Aho Whakaari and has a strong background in television production through her role as producer for Whakaata Maori (Maori Television).

Erina joins a strong facilitation group which has been tasked with supporting the screen sector engagement process and to be  a conduit for bringing the sector’s many voices into the strategy.  While many of those in the group lead, or represent,  specific groups and guilds, their role within the facilitation group is to have a wider focus: to champion the development of the strategy , and ensure an inclusive engagement process. 

That engagement process is due to start in August with a series of hui held across the country, and the launch of several other key tools to enable people in the screen sector to have their say and contribute to the conversation. A website will be launched shortly.

The screen  sector   has grown in output, capacity and complexity over the last 20 years, and is set to continue growing and evolving.  The strategy aims to bring a collective focus to the sector and to maximize the opportunities and strengths that exist with the changing nature of the industry both locally and globally. It is critical that the sector takes this opportunity to respond constructively and collaboratively to the Government’s request for a ten-year strategy, especially if this assists with securing on-going, and hopefully enhanced,  government support.

Hui dates will be announced within the next few weeks, and more information can be found on the website (DOMAIN NAME COMING) 

Facilitation group members are:

  • Chair – Miriam Dean CNZM QC
  • Project Manager – Janette Searle


  • Miranda Harcourt ONZM – Actor, Coach, Writer, Producer, Director
  • Cliff Curtis – Actor, Producer, Director
  • Michael Duignan – Director, DEGNZ
  • Melissa Ansell-Bridges – Equity NZ
  • Kevin ‘KJ’ Jennings – Film Otago Southland
  • Rachel Antony – Greenstone TV, WIFT
  • Grant Baker – Images & Sound
  • Felicity Letcher – Main Reactor
  • Alice Shearman – New Zealand Writers Guild
  • Erina Tamepo – Nga Aho Whakaari
  • Kerry Warkia – Producer
  • Melissa Ansell-Bridges – Equity New Zealand
  • Sioux Macdonald – Screen Industry Guild
  • Richard Fletcher – SPADA Co-President, Producer
  • Tanea Heke – Toi Whakaari Drama School, Producer
  • David Wilks – Weta Workshop

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