We’ve been busy this past fortnight as we start to look forward to the upcoming hui. This hui is the first a multi-platform approach in our engagement with the sector. It is an opportunity to hear more about how we got here, who is involved, what we are doing, and where we want to get to with this process. More importantly it’s also an opportunity to feed into the strategy.

We are a dynamic and innovative sector that is on the precipice of global change. We have opportunities available to us as a result of who we are, where we are and how we work. How can we maximize those opportunities and grow the sector in a way that honours our past, present and future? How can we ensure we thrive as a sector? How do we build on the capacity and capability required to meet the challenges of change ahead of us? What needs to change?

This is our opportunity to shape the future of our sector. 

Hui Dates

Queenstown Hui – 13th of August 1pm – 5pm
Sherwood Hotel 554 Frankton Rd, Queenstown  

Wellington Hui – 20th of August 10am – 2pm 
The Lion Harbourview Lounge (LHV) at Michael Fowler Centre  

Christchurch Hui – 21st of August 9am – 1pm 
The Great Hall, The Arts Centre, 2 Worcester Blvd Christchurch  

Please rsvp to: rsvp@screensectorstrategy.nz
(Please note: due to limited numbers in some venues, only those that rsvp will be able to attend.  We will not be able to cater for walk ins.)

Auckland Hui – TBC
Dunedin Hui – TBC

Updates on the hui and new dates can also be found on our website and on our social media.

For those that can not make a hui, or who don’t have a hui happening close to them, we will have a way you can contribute online.  A survey link will be coming out soon. 
Written submissions will be accepted.  A template and guide for those will be available soon. 

Thought Provoker

To get you thinking we have ‘Thought Provokers’ page. It’s being populated with all sorts of interesting reads, ideas, and things to consider. Here is just one of the latest posts on that page. Have you considered that our sector intersects with a large number of other industries and sectors? As we move forward to 2030, how might this change?  What impact will we have on those sectors? What impact will they have on us?

Social Media  You can now follow us Facebook And on Instagram

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