Written Submissions are now open. 

Following a series of successful huis around the country the Facilitation Group now needs your written views to help develop a 10 year screen sector strategy. We are at the stage where we are particularly interested in what strategies should be adopted to make sure we have the high equality, vibrant and sustainable sector that we all want in 2030.   Written submission guidelines are available online here, or as a downloadable document here,  to assist in providing your submission. Please read the document carefully and note that we must receive submissions no later than 1 November 2019 and that you keep your  submission short. You will note we list a series of possible questions you  may like to  address in your submission, whether only some or all of them.   If you want a say in developing the strategy then its critical you take the time to give us your views and by the due date. Our international consultant, Johnathan Olsberg, will be here for the SPADA conference and we want to have read, and summarised, all submissions  by the time we meet him pre – conference  to get the benefit of his expert views. Hence the need to have submissions in three weeks and that late submissions may well have to be disregarded.   We cannot emphasise enough this is your opportunity to have direct input into the strategy and to assist us with specific and practical initiatives to achieve our vision and purpose.  And to demonstrate both to the Government and the public the huge value the sector has to New Zealand – in reflecting our culture, growing our economy and providing many New Zealanders with fulfilling and well paid careers.   In short, it’s not an opportunity to be missed so please help us develop the best strategy we can for our sector.  

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