Firstly, we are aware that COVID will be impacting on our sector once again and hope you are safe and well in these challenging times. 
We are pleased to send you the final strategy document. 
While we are all still focused on getting through the current resurgence phase,  it was important to release the strategy to the Government, to ensure it met the requirements of delivery within this parliamentary term, and in doing so we wanted to ensure the screen sector also had the opportunity to see the final strategy document.
We would like to thank you for your contribution to the development of the Aotearoa New Zealand Screen Sector Strategy 2030.  Your input into determining the direction of the strategy last year and again during the feedback process earlier this year, has helped us shape a strategy that focuses on those areas that the sector told us were important.
It is intended that this strategy assists in the response to the current challenges and highlights the opportunities for growth and development of the sector across the next 10 years.   
As you know, it is the premise of this strategy to take a broad and sector-wide approach to the industry’s longer-term future. The strategy will necessarily evolve. As stated at the front of the strategy, it is a living document. It can be updated and its scope and ambitions expanded as the sector matures and develops.  In that sense it is a starting point rather than the finishing line. It also does not stop guilds, industry groups and those representing specific communities within the screen sector to advance their own plans and programmes. Ideally, this strategy will act as a framework, however, that can guide and encourage that to happen.

We are pleased to report that the strategy has the support of the sector’s nine professional guilds and other related organisations representing those who work in the sector. Pleasingly, it also has the support of wider sector-related organisations, such as funders and regional film offices
The Ministry for Culture and Heritage and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment have both been involved in this project from the outset. We thank them for their financial support which, together with contributions from sector participants, helped develop the strategy, as well as their wider contribution to its development, which was invaluable.
The sector now has an opportunity to work together collaboratively with the Government and public sector agencies to move beyond countering the immediate effects of COVID-19. The sector is, after all, uniquely placed to help with the country’s recovery, given its contributions  simultaneously to New Zealand’s economic, social and cultural wellbeing.

Download your copy of the strategy here. Or visit our website and download a copy there. 

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