Why are we developing a Screen Sector Strategy?

The Prime Minister on behalf of the Government has called for the creation of a 10-year strategy for the New Zealand Screen Industry. It is intended that this strategy process be led by the industry and developed during 2019 and early 2020.

When will the Strategy be out?

A draft strategy will be available from mid February 2020. The final strategy will be delivered to government by the end of March 2020.

How is it being developed?

There are several key questions that will shape the screen sector strategy and that recognise the dynamics of the interaction, interdependence and collaboration between the Industry, Central Government and Local Government. In doing so the Strategy should address:

  • What the industry can do for itself to meet the objectives of the strategy;
  • What the industry and Government can do together to meet the objectives of the strategy; and
  • What the industry expects the Government to do to meet the objectives of the strategy.

Who’s in the Facilitation Group?

In order to progress the development of the screen sector strategy a facilitation group was established. The purpose of the facilitation group is to support the screen sector engagement process and to be a conduit for bringing the sector’s many voices into the strategy.  While many of those in the group lead, or represent,  specific groups and guilds, their role within the facilitation group is to have a wider focus: to champion the development of the strategy , and ensure an inclusive engagement process. 


  • Chair – Miriam Dean CNZM QC
  • Project Manager – Janette Searle


  • Miranda Harcourt ONZM – wide links across the screen sector nationally and internationally
  • Cliff Curtis – wide links across the screen sector nationally and internationally
  • Michael Duignan – Directors and NZ screen sector.
  • Melissa Ansell-Bridges – Actors, and the NZ screen sector
  • Kevin ‘KJ’ Jennings – South Island screen sector
  • Rachel Antony – Women in the screen sector, television and beyond.
  • Grant Baker – technicians, post production and beyond.
  • Felicity Letcher – Auckland screen sector and beyond.
  • Alice Shearman – Writers, and the NZ screen sector
  • Erina Tamepo – Maori screen production
  • Sioux Macdonald – Technicians and the broader NZ screen sector
  • Richard Fletcher – Producers, Directors and the screen sector NZ and internationally
  • Tanea Heke – Maori screen production, young people, education
  • David Wilks – Post production, Screen Sector in general in NZ and internationally

What’s been involved in the engagement process?

We’ve had 8 public hui around the country that have reached over 500 people.

Around 80 written submissions from groups and individuals. The group submissions provided and opportunity for thousands of people to provide a collective voice.

We’ve had focus groups or kitchen table talks (which are a little more informal) with specific groups such as:

  • Young Screen Professionals (age 25 – 35)
  • Education Providers
  • Pan Asian Screen Collective
  • Young Maori and Pacific Screen Professionals.
  • Funders
  • etc

We’ve had around 30 interviews with individuals from the sector who are incredibly experienced and have great knowledge and insights into the sector.

And we’ve been working with Olsberg SPI, and international screen consultant company who work with governments and screen companies and organisations around the globe on strategy, planning and implementation. They have provided international research and best practice, and have been involved in the distillation process of getting all of the feedback into a strategy document.

What have the sector said is important to include in the Strategy?

The sector have been collectively saying very much the same thing. That there are key areas they believe need to change in order to make the most of the opportunity we have as a sector working in a global market. Some of the themes that have emerged include:

  • Building capability of all those in the sector – e.g. producers and their ability to open, manage and close a deal at international level, develop a strong pipeline of talent into and through the sector, etc.
  • Build strong businesses in the sector.
  • Ensure studio infrastructure is developed with a co-ordinated, national, approach.
  • Review the funding and policy structures to ensure they are fit for purpose.
  • Increase representation and diversity of stories and story tellers so that there is a better reflection of Aotearoa.
  • Better collaboration with each other in the sector, and with those outside (government, other sectors, internationals)
  • Find new investment and funding sources.
  • A pan sector body to provide a united voice for the sector …..
  • etc.

Note: This isn’t all of the themes – just a taster of the kinds of things that people have been saying through the engagement process.

Is it too late to contribute?

Up until the 20th of December 2019 we will still be open to input from the sector. If you would like to contribute please email our project manager Janette – janette@screensectorstrategy.nz