How to join the conversation.



Overview of the engagement process

Between August and December 2019 we will be seeking the voice of the screen sector to inform the development of the screen sector strategy 2020 – 2030. We’ve broken the engagement process into three stages and there are a number of ways you can join the conversion.

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Stages of Engagement.

1. Understanding the key areas that need to be included.

This is the stage where we go out broadly to better understand the sectors perspective on:

  • The opportunities that exist for us as a sector and the strengths that we have that we can utilise to take advantage of those opportunities.
  • The risks and challenges that exist for us as a sector, and what we might need to do to mitigate or minimise the impact of those.

There will be a number of ways to get involved in this stage of the conversation.

  • We will be holding hui in some of the main centres around the country;
  • There will be a survey that you can respond to,
  • The guilds, networks, and groups that exist in the sector will be going out to their members to get feedback and input that can be fed back.

How to get involved in stage 1

  • Come to one of the hui.
  • Respond to the survey.
  • Participate in the process your guild, network, or membership group are holding.

The information we get from this stage will be used to inform what we focus on in our second stage.

2. Going deeper.

Having identified the key themes and areas that are a priority for the sector we’ll be delving deeper to better understand what is behind them, and the recommendations for addressing them. This will happen through:

  • Focus groups
  • Kitchen table talks
  • Surveys
  • Written submissions
  • Interviews.

Armed with this information we then set out to distill it all to create the first draft of the strategy. Once that is completed we move into our third stage of engagement.

How to get involved in stage 2

  • Respond to the survey
  • Respond to an invitation to join a focus group or kitchen table talk (note: these will be by invite only).
  • Provide a written submission.

3. Review of the draft strategy.

Information on this will be provided in November 2019.