This is the page to get you thinking. We’re not alone in this journey, nor in the quest to better understand what 2030 might look like. We, like others have questions. What is our screen sector going to look like? How are we going to ensure we have a pay cheque coming in?

Below are a series of links and videos that touch on those questions. Do you agree with them? If what they are suggesting is true, how might that impact on you and your skill set?

Earlier this year Melissa Clark-Reynolds and her team embarked on a research project looking at the screen sector and  more importantly the changes that are happening and impacting the screen sector.  The report on that research is now available.  Some really interesting information in there and definitely some worthwhile thought provocation as we look forward to the next 10 years of the screen sector in New Zealand.

You can download a copy of that report here  

Screen 2030: Making My Content Pay

This video was produced in 2014 in Australia. It’s an exploration of the future careers of content makers by some of the screen and media industry’s key thinkers, discussing evolving audiences and distribution, how the history of media will shape its future and the role of story. Metro Screen looks ahead to the next 10-15 years and asks the big questions: What will the screen industry look like in 2030 and will a creative screen career pay the rent?

Industry policy

The Government has launched a new approach to industry policy, aimed at growing more innovative industries in New Zealand and lifting the productivity of our key sectors. You can read the strategy document here.

The Intersection

Have you considered that our sector intersects with a large number of other industries and sectors.  As we move forward to 2030, how might this change?  What impact will we have on those sectors?  What impact will they have on us?